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Discover a new way to record

Never lose another song idea again with Spire Studio. Where most recording solutions make you choose between ease of use and audio quality, Spire Studio shines, offering the best of both worlds. In a matter of seconds, you can capture any idea and continue building it out into a song at professional sound quality. All without the hassles of complicated software, messy set-ups, and cables. And best of all, you can take Spire anywhere as your personal songwriting partner.

Intuitive control

Record with simple controls if your smartphone is out of reach


Press once, play for 10 seconds, your levels are set

Headphone outs

1/8" outputs so you and a friend can monitor while recording

LED Touch Display

Touch sensitive display for track selection and monitoring volume

On-board studio mic

Don't worry about mic placement with a 360  ̊ omnidirectional condenser mic


Phantom power

48V to power your favorite condenser mics


XLR & 1/4" TS inputs

Plug in your mics and instruments to build songs with ease


4+ hour battery life

Rechargeable battery lets you capture ideas anywhere


Custom preamps

Pristine clarity from industry-leading Grace Design custom preamps

What makes Spire Studio different?


No cables. No computer. No mess.

Spire Studio connects to the Spire app with a built-in WiFi network so you can capture ideas anywhere. You don’t need a computer or any cables, just a smartphone or a tablet, and headphones to monitor your audio. The app is your mobile command center, unlocking recording effects, guitar amp models, and intelligent features that help you record, mix, and share songs in a modern and mobile way.


Soundcheck saves you from guessing

Don't settle for distorted or quiet recordings when inspiration strikes. Spire Studio's Soundcheck feature will listen to your performance for 10 seconds and set ideal recording levels, whether you’re using the onboard mic or plugging in an instrument. 

Always ready with a built-in studio mic

Record vocals, guitars, drums, and more in pristine clarity with the built-in omnidirectional condenser microphone. The 360˚ mic pattern picks up sound equally from all directions, so you don’t have to worry about perfect mic-placement.





Record Anywhere

Spire Studio’s portability makes it every songwriter’s ultimate companion. Not near a power outlet? The internal rechargeable battery keeps you recording for 4+ hours. Take it to the living room, band practice, or on the road so you never miss the chance to capture ideas.





Plug in your own gear

Spire Studio has two combo XLR and ¼” instrument jacks so you can plug in guitars, synths, mics, and more. Engage 48v phantom power to use your favorite condenser mics and enjoy clean, pristine sound quality thanks to custom designed preamps by industry-leader Grace Design.



The app's command center unlocks the full power of Spire's intelligent effects, mixing, and sharing at the touch of a button.


Spire Studio

$349 USD

• Built-in studio condenser mic

• Intelligent Soundcheck

• 2 XLR/TS inputs + phantom power

• 4+ hour rechargeable battery


Spire Travel Bag Bundle

$399 USD


• Spire Studio

• Durable padded soft bag

• Headphone/Accessory Compartment


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“Immediately record a song no matter where you are.”
“Never lose a tune to the ether again.“
“…the perfect way to get an easy, high-quality recording.”

Technical Specifications

Weight                              1.6 lbs

Dimensions:                        4.8 x 4.4 x 3.4 inches

Inputs                               2 XLR/TS combo jacks + 48v phantom power

Preamps                            Custom designed by Grace Design

Outputs:                              2 1/8" headphone jacks

Sample Rate/Bit Depth:      48 kHz/24-bit

WiFi Connectivity:               802.11 b/g/n with 2.4 GHz (Spire Studio pairs to mobile device)

Power Supply:                      Universal 5v 2000mA power supply unit

Internal Battery:                  Rechargeable lithium-ion

Battery Life:                        4+ hours

Spire app:                             iOS, Android