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Ozone 9 Audio Examples

Listen to before and after examples, and hear the difference Ozone 9 can make on your music (headphones recommended).

Master Rebalance

Master Rebalance can change a mix in one touch of a slider. In this example, we boosted the drums to add excitement to this driving rock song.

Song: "Focused (On Your Phone) featuring Steve Bays" by Sleepy Tom.

Before Master Rebalance

After Master Rebalance

Low End Focus

Low End Focus evens unwanted low frequencies, while keeping the sounds you like. In this example, the Smooth mode is used to tame the boomy synth without affecting the kick.

Song: "Small Victory" by Transviolet.

Before Low End Focus

After Low End Focus

Vintage Mode and modules

In this example, we started with the new Vintage Mode in Master Assistant, then the Vintage Tape module for additional warmth. In the After example, listen for punch in the drums and bass, and added excitement around the vocals and guitars.

Song: "Might Be Right " by White Reaper.

Before Vintage Mode

After Vintage Mode

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