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Nectar 3 Delay

Nectar's Delay module can help to create transparent or colorful delayed copies of your original vocal track. A helpful alternative or addition to reverb, the Delay module can give your vocals a sense of space without losing any vocal clarity or adding unwanted clutter to your overall mix. With Nectar 3, it’s now easier than ever to dial in the perfect vocal delay, with a new smoother UI experience and more responsive metering feedback, along with a streamlined contextual UI and a new Delay mode: Grunge.

  • Fine tune a unique sound with two different delay lines that can be synced to tempo, independently or linked together.

  • Add color to your delayed signal with five different algorithms: Digital, Tape, Analog, Echo, and the new “Grunge” mode.

  • Add additional depth with the optional “rate” and “depth” controls.
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