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Music Assistant Bundle

Powerful machine learning, for less

Seamless plug-in integration

The iZotope Music Assistant Bundle is the easiest way to take the next step into iZotope’s world of AI-enabled audio software. Upgrade your plug-in arsenal with the full capabilities of Ozone 9 Standard, Neutron 3 Standard, the new RX 8 Standard, and Nectar 3 Plus.

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Intelligent technology for every step of your workflow

Rebalance your mix, remove distracting hum, and more with the new RX 8 Standard. Keep your vocal front and center with Nectar 3 Plus’ Vocal Assistant. Perfect your mix with Master Assistant and Mix Assistant in Ozone 9 Standard and Neutron 3 Standard.


Why bundle with iZotope?

Get the best bang for your buck and save when you bundle software.

iZotope bundles ensure that you’ll have all you need for any project.

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