Before & After Examples

Dialogue, ambience, and music all get their chance to shine

In this example, dialogue gets lost among the gunshots, and the FX are lacking the explosive force and low frequency impact that the scene requires. Here, RX Final Mix is being used to increase dialogue clarity and intelligently help accentuate the low frequency effects, resulting in a much more powerful and impactful experience.

In this example, our dialogue bus sounds boxy, the FX bus gets in the way of our dialogue, and the music is distracting. Here, RX Final Mix is being used on each bus to carve out space for the dialogue, help our dialogue sound more natural, and keep the music bus under control.

In this example, the dialogue bus, FX bus, and music bus are all fighting for attention, resulting in a muddy mix with a lack of focus. RX Final Mix is applied to each bus to help separate them and to make sure the dialogue comes through strong.

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