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Mix Tap

Route any of your tracks to the Tonal Balance Control plug-in, Visual Mixer, or Masking Meter from the new Mix Tap plug-in. Enjoy the flexibility of using any plug-in while still getting all the benefits of our innovative new tools across your entire mix.

Mix Tap features

  • Inter-plugin communication with Tonal Balance Control, Masking Meter and Visual Mixer

  • Identify frequency masking trouble spots over time using the Histogram

  • Delay Offset: align multi-mic'd sources and correcting phase issues in your tracks

  • Phase Invert: quickly compare and contrast the phase of tracks in your mix

  • Sum to Mono: audition your stereo audio data to see how it translates to mono listening formats

  • Swap Channels: Switch left and right channels of any stereo track to audition the stereo image and check for balance issues

  • High Pass Filter: Clean up and control the sub frequency content in your tracks with a simple High Pass Filter in Mix Tap





Mix Tap is available in these versions of Neutron: