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Pitch Editor

Stay in tune without ever leaving your DAW. The new Pitch Editor plug-in, bundled as part of the Nectar 2 Production Suite, makes manual pitch correction simpler than ever. Nectar 2's enhancements include a refreshed interface for graphical pitch editing and improved visual feedback, all within a resizable window. With a workspace that's easy to navigate and a workflow that's easy to follow, your vocal track will be pitch-perfect in no time.

  • Get optimal, transparent, and natural results with Nectar's refined note detection and digital signal processing.
  • Avoid jumping back to your DAW's transport controls: navigate the timeline within the plug-in seamlessly by using the iZotope ReWire Device. 
  • Enhance or reduce vibrato simply with one control to fine-tune your performance. 
  • Quickly spot-check pitch with just a single click on individual notes.





Pitch Editor is available in these versions of Nectar: