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Pitch Correction

Effortlessly correct off-key notes in your vocals automatically with real-time Pitch Correction. Nectar's Pitch Correction algorithm preserves the original formants and timbre of your vocals to give you more natural-sounding results, rather than scaling the formants along with the pitch.

  • Correct errant notes in the pitch of vocals without losing the original character of the performer’s timbre.
  • Choose from a variety of preset scales or create custom scales.
  • Drop the snap-to-grid speed to 0ms for full-on robotic mode, or use 30-60ms for more human-sounding, transparent results.
  • Transpose your vocals anywhere between an Octave Up or Down. 
  • Get a prioritized list of suggested keys for your song, after usually just one verse and chorus, with Key Detection. 
  • Recreate the robotic pitch effect made popular by Cher, T-Pain, and Kanye West.






Pitch Correction is available in these versions of Nectar 2: