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Breath Control 

Automatically remove unwanted breaths from recordings with the new Breath Control plug-in, bundled as part of the Nectar 2 Production Suite. Featuring intelligent detection that can separate breath sounds from sung or spoken vocals, the Breath Control saves you from time-consuming and tedious manual editing. Nectar will take your breath away, but keep you sounding natural.

  • Aggressively reduce all breaths to a specific level when using Target mode.
  • Transparently attenuate each individual breath by a set value when using Gain mode.
  • Control the process used to detect breaths by adjusting the Sensitivity control. 
  • See the impact of your settings and monitor Nectar's processing with intelligent metering views. 
  • Fine-tune your settings by using the Breaths Only feature to audition what's being removed.







Breath Control is available in these versions of Nectar: