Nectar Elements and Nectar 2 Comparison


Work within an intuitive Overview panel for quick access to customized macro controls, as well as the most relevant vocal utility tools.

Delve into Advanced mode for deep customization of 11 individual vocal processing modules.  
Explore a wealth of presets that each load a customized signal path for a unique vocal processing chain.
Customize the signal flow between processing modules via drag and drop for ultimate control.  
Track your vocals seamlessly thanks to low-latency processing.
Switch between Mixing and Tracking modes to assure low-latency processing while tracking and optimal sound quality while mixing.  
Benefit from intelligent vocal processing through Style presets, including Compression, Reverb, Delay, Saturation, Doubling, and Limiting.
Explore unique dynamic characteristics by choosing between digital, analog, optical, and solid-state Compressor styles.  
Create a custom space with advanced Plate Reverb controls like Pre-delay, Cutoff Filters, Width, and Decay.  
Automatically sync the Delay to your host's tempo for an rhythmic effect.  
Add only the harmonics you want to your sound with distinct Saturation modes like Tube, Tape, and Retro.  
Create your own custom backing vocals by controlling up to 12 Harmony voices, each with independent Octave, Pan, Delay, and Gain controls.  
Quickly add loudness to your signal with the Limiter's gain-matched Threshold control.  
Smoothly fix errant, out of tune notes with real-time Pitch Correction.
Edit the pitch of individual notes in detail using the dedicated Pitch Editor plug-in (included with Nectar 2 Production Suite only).  
Automatically remove breaths from recordings with the dedicated Breath Control plug-in (included with Nectar 2 Production Suite only).  
Easily reduce unwanted noise and room tone with the Gate.
Reduce room tone more transparently with subtle Gate controls like Ratio and RMS detection.  
Sculpt or enhance your vocal tone with the Equalizer.
Enter exact frequency, bandwidth and amplitude amounts with surgical precision for each EQ filter node.  
Reduce obnoxious sibillance with the single-slider De-Esser.
Match the De-Esser to different performers by fine-tuning the De-Esser's Frequency control.  

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