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From Sound on Sound

"Overall I have to say I am very impressed with, and have become very attached to, the Insight suite...This is a very comprehensive suite of audio analysis and measurement tools that ticks all the boxes. Highly recommended."

—Hugh Robjons

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From Pro Tools Expert

In a poll of their favorite loudness meter plug-ins, Pro Tools Expert readers voted iZotope Insight a win for most used plug-in. Criteria were based on ability to measure loudness in LU or LKFS in Momentary, Short Term and Integrated loudness supporting AAX for Pro Tools.

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From SonicScoop

"Insight is the single most comprehensive metering and audio analysis plugin I’ve ever come across! It’s extremely well designed both technically and aesthetically and works beautifully for post production, music and probably has a place in some live situations as well...I will not be surprised if this becomes the new standard metering tool for broadcast mixing and music production in the coming years. "

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From Pro Sound News

"At a time when recording engineers and mixers are diversifying to take on a variety of projects, including post-production and mastering, iZotope is providing tools that ease that progression ... Insight streamlines the metering process for meeting loudness standards from across the world."



From Computer Music

"If there's a word that can always be applied to iZotope's plugins, it's 'comprehensive' and Insight is no exception."


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