Customization Highlights

With a wealth of options for personalizing your metering experience, Insight lets you visualize your audio in a way that's perfect for any project or session.

  • Make the most of your screen real estate: keep Insight compact when space is limited, or maximize it to full screen when you need to see more.

  • Pick and choose which meters you want visible, then adjust each partition size to your preference.

  • Configure each meter precisely to your needs with a variety of per-meter display options and settings.

  • Perform deeper analysis with flexible zooming, scrolling, scaling, and freezing of meter data.

  • Easily save your favorite meter settings and recall them later, or cycle through various views within the same session as you move through different workflows.

  • Try out common metering views with 30+ Insight presets, and choose metering options based on the loudness standards in your region.



Stereo Levels with Spectrogram




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