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Vintage Compressor

The Vintage Compressor module is a single-band feedback compressor for subtle warming and sweetening effects.  Featuring program-dependent release times, the compressor tailors release shapes to adapt naturally to your music.  Thicken the mid-range, tighten and round out the lows, let the top sparkle, and get authentic vintage character. 


Vintage Compressor Features:

  • Program-dependent release times keep the compressor's processing transparent, for example: longer release times for vocals to reduce pumping and fast release times to keep drums sounding tight and natural.
  • Editable high-pass, mid-peak, and high-shelf sidechain filters let you mimic the nonlinear frequency response of vintage hardware compressors, or create unique compression effects not available in traditional hardware.
  • Automatic gain compensation provides automatic makeup gain, allowing you to easily compare your mix with and without dynamics processing applied. 



The Vintage Compressor is available in these versions of Ozone: