Exponential Audio reverbs for post production

Whether you’re fitting dialogue into a room, mixing reverb into surround channels, or creating effects for sound design, Exponential Audio has a plug-in for you. Not only were these surround reverbs designed with post production in mind, but they were also developed in consultation with many award-winning Hollywood re-recording mixers.


Unrivaled surround support

With support for up to 24 channel formats, including Atmos 7.1.6, Auro-3D, and 22.2, these advanced reverbs are sure to simplify and speed up any multichannel mixing workflow.


Ready-to-go presets for any scene

To help you quickly find your desired space and sound, these surround reverbs come with over 1,000 searchable presets categorized using production-focused keywords.


Fast, reliable performance

There’s no need to worry about slowing down your workflow with Exponential Audio plug-ins. Mixers use many instances of these algorithmic surround reverbs throughout their sessions, and so can you!

Realistic, natural surround reverbs

These reverbs are clean and transparent, designed to sound like an authentic room, chamber, hall, or plate. PhoenixVerb Surround, Stratus, and Stratus 3D are perfect for placing dialogue and foley into realistic, immersive spaces.

Lush character surround reverbs

R2 Surround, Symphony, and Symphony 3D feature lush reverb algorithms designed to evoke the warmth of classic hardware units. And with various creative effects like chorus, gate, tempo-sync, and reverb freeze, you can bring even more color to your advanced surround mixes.

Surround reverb bundles

Prepare yourself for any immersive post project with a surround bundle, or get the Exponential Audio Everything Bundle for the complete collection of natural and lush reverbs.