Exponential Audio reverbs for music production

Whether you’re mixing pop, rock, hip hop, electronic, or orchestral music, you can bring extraordinary dimension and detail to your productions with Exponential Audio reverbs. From the classic, natural-sounding PhoenixVerb and NIMBUS to the warm, musical R2 and R4, these stereo reverbs are trusted by top audio engineers for their quality, versatility, and advanced controls.


Exquisite sounding reverb

Founder and creator Michael Carnes, who worked on many of the most iconic Lexicon reverbs, brings his technical expertise and musical background to these industry-standard reverbs.


Ready-to-go presets for any mix

All Exponential Audio reverbs feature hundreds of categorized and searchable presets to help you quickly find that perfect sound for your vocals, drums, keys, and more


Creative controls designed for music

Add personality and depth to your mix with compression and overdrive or get a little more musical with tempo-synced pre-delay, chorus, gate, and reverb freeze.

Realistic, natural reverbs for music

PhoenixVerb and NIMBUS are known for their purity and clarity, with no pitch effects in the tail. The plates are tight and diffuse, complementing percussion and vocal tracks. The chambers and halls are excellent for complex material, becoming particularly popular in folk, rock, R&B, classical, and jazz.

Lush, musical reverbs

Bring vintage warmth and a lush, moving reverb tail to your tracks with R2 and R4. Whether it's a choir or a power ballad, these plug-ins will add character to your drums, vocals, guitars, keys, and more. With rich sets of musical effects, R2 and R4 are sure to enhance your next music production.

“Exponential reverbs are where I look when I need a space that feels real and deep. The reverb tails are the smoothest that I’ve heard in a plug-in and they’re the only 5.1 reverb in the box that works for me.”

-Rik Simpson, GRAMMY-winning producer (Coldplay, Jay-Z)