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RX 9 Advanced Release Notes

Version 9.3.0 released February 24, 2022


  • Adds native support for Apple silicon-based Macs.
    • RX ARA plug-ins are currently supported in Logic Pro only when opened using Rosetta.
    • RX VST2 plug-ins do not include native support and are available only in DAWs/NLEs opened using Rosetta.
    • RX app: VST2 plug-in hosting can only be enabled when the RX application is opened using Rosetta.
  • Adds support for macOS Monterey (12.2.x).
  • Adds support for Windows 11.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes incorrect display of preset name when toggling between multiple instances of the same module in a given Module Chain.
  • Fixes issue that caused the waveform overview magnitude zoom level reset to default after rendering.
  • Fixes error message that would appear when attempting trial or demo an RX plug-in in Logic running in native mode.

Version 9.2.0 released December 16, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing "Output hum only" control in the De-hum plug-in.
  • Fixed hang that could occur when using multiple RX plug-ins in a session on older versions of macOS.
  • Fixed hang that could occur upon switching between files with different sampling rates after rendering with the Loudness Control module.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when switching between files of different sampling rates while the Ambience Match module was rendering in Complex mode.
  • Fixed layout inconsistency in the Waveform Stats window.


  • Updated the application icon on macOS.
  • Added user feedback link to the RX Audio Editor application.

Version 9.1.1 released November 19, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash with macOS VoiceOver
  • Fixed an issue where clips are silenced in Spectral Editor ARA in Logic Pro 10.7
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.1 released October 28, 2021


  • Improved Static De-Hum UX

Bug Fixes

  • Spectral Editor Options menu border appeared distorted.
  • Inaccurate status message appeared upon enabling Adaptive mode in the De-hum plugin.
  • RX application did not request access to the microphone - effectively disabling the recording feature.
  • Unable to recalculate waveform statistics because there is no option to see "BS.1770-1" measurements.
  • ARA crash when clicking "revert" before clip was loaded.
  • Various additional bug fixes.
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