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That product is no longer available for purchase from iZotope.

Vinyl fans rejoice! Vinyl is alive again! We're very excited for the return of our very first plug-in, the ultimate lo-fi weapon. And, it's still free!

Get Vinyl for free.

We love all of our products, but sometimes we need to stop offering our older ones. By making these tough decisions, we can focus on making new products with innovative features that can better inspire your creativity.

If you’re an existing customer who is looking to re-download a product you purchased in the past, you can do so by logging into the Legacy Downloads area of My Account. There you'll find discontinued products, as well as previous versions of our current products, like versions 1-5 of Ozone or versions 1-3 of RX.

If you were hoping to buy a legacy product that is no longer offered in any form, please allow us to suggest these product alternatives.



Our ANR-B noise reduction hardware unit is still supported, but is no longer available for purchase. ANR-B owners should feel free to Contact Support with any questions or issues.

  • For noise reduction options in software form, try our complete audio repair suite, RX.





Music & Speech Cleaner

Music & Speech Cleaner is still available from select partners.

  • Or, try out our complete audio repair suite, RX.


pHATmatik Pro


Radius for Logic

  • Radius time stretching and pitch shifting technology is still available within our complete audio repair suite, RX.



  • Try the spectral synthesis tools in our visual instrument, Iris.


The T-Pain Effect

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