Ozone 10 & RX 10 – now included in Music Production Suite Pro

Elevate Your Music Production Workflow

Turn your recording projects into professional records with Music Production Suite Pro.




46 Plug-ins included

Get The Right Tools For Every Job

Cover all aspects of music production in one, intelligent ecosystem.

NEW! Mix smarter and faster

Mix smarter and faster while staying in your flow. Eight powerful plug-ins combine powers through AI assistive technology to create your modern and intelligent mixing experience. 

NEW! Restore noisy, Damaged Audio

Get a crystal clear sound for every track in your mix. Remove unwanted noise, and repair damaged audio fast and with ease.

NEW! polished, professional mastering

Get your music ready for streaming.

Achieve a colorful, dynamic, and competitive master for your songs, in any genre.

powerful vocal production

From corrective to creative vocal production, get a starting point that will bring out your voice in the context of the mix.

get the right reverb fast

Design clean and unique spaces for vocals and instruments in seconds. Use the Blend Pad to intuitively mix rooms, plates, chambers, and more.

synthesize your voice

Easily create unique textures, and transform your voice with modern and immersive vocal effects to add dimension to your takes.

sound your best on any device

Overcome your listening environment and get a balanced mix that translates to your audience.

Reference genre targets or your own audio files against your mix.

advanced monitoring & metering

Get behind the scenes of your audio and visualize changes made during your mixing and mastering. Measure loudness, stereo image, spectrum, & more.

share information between plug-ins

Communicate across plug-ins for a streamlined workflow on every project.

see where your audio sits in the mix

Intuitively mix your music in a virtual space where you can see where each piece of audio sits within the stereo image.

fine-tune your pitch and correct notes

Add surgical, intuitive, and truly transparent pitch adjustments to your audio for a pleasant listening experience. 

Reference audio from anywhere

Audiolens makes track referencing and comparison easy by analyzing audio from any streaming platform or audio source.

Gain additional access to over $6,000 of added value

Berklee Online courses with iZotope

Berklee Online® Lessons

Learn from Berklee Online® with courses teaching you how to produce demos, train your ears, tackle vocal production, mix and master electronic music, and more.

Preset packs

Downloadable Presets & Sound Packs

Access downloadable presets and practice files to help you hone your skills, and enjoy royalty-free samples for use in your projects.

Exclusive partner deals

Exclusive Partner Deals

Enjoy exclusive discounts from Tunecore, Soundfly, and more.

Priority Customer Care

Easily submit any of your questions, comments, or concerns, and you'll receive timely, expert help.

Producer tutorials

Producer Tutorials w/ Reid Stefan

Create exciting vocal moments, mix and master with precision, and get the sound you’re looking for with Reid Stefan’s multi-lesson courses.

Exclusive content, videos and tutorials

Exclusive content, videos and tutorials

Deepen your knowledge on the ins and outs of music production, plus the plug-ins in your suite with exclusive content, videos, and tutorials straight from iZotope.

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*When you pay $199/year, upfront for one year. 



*7-day free trial. Cancel anytime.

Both Monthly And Yearly Plans Include The Following:

  • Berklee Online production lessons
  • Royalty-free sound packs
  • Custom presets
  • Downloadable practice files
  • Exclusive partner deals
  • Producer tutorials w/ Reid Stefan
  • Exclusive video and articles

Music Production Suite Pro FAQs

What is different about a “Pro” version of an iZotope product?

In the past, a “Pro” label has indicated the subscription version of an iZotope product. However, to clear up confusion, members will begin to see their products changing to numbered versions (e.g. Neutron 4) to better indicate which version of a plug-in they have access to in their membership.

Why are Neutron 4, Ozone 10, and RX 10 included instead of the Pro versions?

We've included Neutron 4, Ozone 10 Advanced, and RX 10 Standard to make sure members know they're getting the latest versions of these plug-ins. These versions will still include future updates, just like the rest of the Pro plug-ins in your subscription.

What happens to my projects if I cancel my plan?

All of your work will be preserved. Your plug-ins will continue to function on your existing projects with the settings you created but you won't be able to adjust the settings or add the plug-ins to new projects.

How do Pro products compare to existing iZotope products?

Pro Product

Previous Version Equivalent

RX 10 Standard

RX 10 Standard

Insight Pro


Ozone 10 Advanced

Ozone 10 Advanced

Neutron 4

Neutron 4

Nectar Pro

Nectar 3 Plus

Neoverb Pro


VocalSynth Pro

VocalSynth 2

Tonal Balance Control Pro

Tonal Balance Control 2

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