Why upgrade from RX 1-3 to RX 5 Audio Editor?

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Top 7 Reasons to Upgrade

  1. Instant Process: The one-click magic eraser for your audio. From unwanted coughs to scene-interrupting sirens, instantly paint away any audio problem in the spectrogram. Learn how to use Instant Process
  2. Dialogue De-noise: The zero latency, real-time plug-in is the most powerful de-noiser focused on dialogue treatment. When unwanted background and ambient noise threaten the quality of dialogue recordings, Dialogue De-noise replaces the need for costly and time-consuming automated dialogue replacement (ADR)—ensuring professional sounding results, every time.
  3. De-reverb: Reduce some of the reverb from a recorded space in order to make the dialogue useable. Salvage recordings of dialogue containing too much reverb/acoustic space without needing to spend time/money on a reshoot or ADR.
  4. Corrective EQ: Remove harsh high frequencies and whines, rumbles, resonances, distortion artifacts and accurately hone in on any problem frequency areas. Beyond a traditional equalizer, the Corrective EQ offers both an Analog and a Digital mode, in addition to remarkably high (up to 400) Q values for precision filtering of problem frequencies. In addition, the Digital filter shapes allow for more precise cuts than previously possible.
  5. Module Chain: Remove distortion, clicks, interference, and background noise, and smooth out inconsistent volume and ambience. Whatever the multiple editing tasks, they can now be accomplished in a single mouse click to fire off all of your editing tasks at once. Learn how to use Module Chains
  6. RX Connect & RX Monitor: Sync and integrate the power of the RX Audio Editor with any DAW or NLE timeline using RX Connect. Clip-by-clip and handles support added for the most efficient Avid Pro Tools workflow available. Learn how to use RX plug-ins in Pro Tools
  7. Presets: For the ultimate in sound quality and workflow efficiency, RX 5 Audio Editor includes 60 new problem oriented presets across several modules.

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