Why upgrade from RX 4 Advanced to RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor?

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Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade

  1. Leveler: Smooth any volume inconsistencies for the best-sounding take, with the automatic clip gain envelope created by the Leveler. Optimized for Dialogue with intelligent De-ess and De-breath algorithms, that automatically detect breaths and esses in a dialogue take.
  2. Ambience Match: Quickly fill in consistent ambience beds under constructed sentences and ADR lines right from within Pro Tools AudioSuite or RX Audio Editor. No longer spend hours of time manually looping sections of ambience under a scene with ADR and broken-up sentences. Learn how to match room tone with RX 
  3. De-plosive: Improve the quality of your dialogue by removing plosive pops and mic bumps that can occur during a recording. Intelligent analysis detects the presence of a plosive in between the desirable harmonics of a dialogue or vocal signal. It then transparently reduces the plosive far more effectively than simply using an EQ to roll off the low end (which lacks precision and also affects dialogue frequencies). Learn how to edit dialogue and voiceover tracks with RX

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