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Bad audio?

RX it.

RX 9 is the ultimate solution for noisy, damaged audio—save time and deliver flawless sound with AI-powered technology.

And, as a current owner of RX, you always have the best pricing on the latest RX and Post Production Suite upgrades.

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Trusted by the best in the industry to quickly and reliably deliver clean audio

With groundbreaking modules like Music Rebalance and Guitar De-noise along with De-hum and Voice De-noise, you can quickly repair your audio tracks so you can get back to making music and being creative.

Why RX?

Surgical noise removal

Use a variety of selection tools to tame, replace, or completely remove any unwanted noise.

Work in the DAW or the app

RX comes with a versatile set of plug-ins and app modules to deal with hum, clipping, noise and much more.

Intelligent processing

With machine learning and assistive technology RX can listen to your audio and instantly offer suggestions to fix or improve it.

Hear RX 9 in Action

RX Awards

Sound on Sound award winner iZotope RX
SXSW award iZotope RX
KVR award iZotope RX
Cinema audio society award iZotope RX

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Upgrades for RX 1-8 Standard owners

Upgrades for RX 1-8 Advanced owners

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