Your RX Post Production Suite 6 Loyalty Offer

Thank you for being a vital part of iZotope. As a loyal customer, we are excited to offer you special pricing on RX 9.

Bad audio? RX it.

RX Post Production Suite 6

The industry standard in audio repair just got even better.

RX Post Production Suite 6 gives you the tools you need to fix noisy production audio, bring stories to life, and send final deliverables at the right specifications.

Includes: RX 9 Advanced, Dialogue Match, Insight 2 metering, Neutron 3 Advanced, Nectar 3 Plus (with Melodyne 5 essential), Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D by Exponential Audio, RX Loudness Control, Relay, and Tonal Balance Control 2.

Improved RX Features

RX 9 is packed with features to speed up your post-production workflow. We’re excited to share with you what it can do.

*New* Dynamic Mode In De-Hum

Instantly remove hum, ring, interference, and more without adding artifacts using the all-new Dynamic Mode in RX 9’s De-Hum.

Improved Dialogue Isolate

Cut through the noise and let your dialogue breathe with RX 9’s updated Dialogue Isolate. Extract dialogue from crowds, footsteps, traffic, weather, and more with no compromise in audio quality.


Improved Ambience Match

Seamlessly sew your ADR cuts together, and connect dialogue like never before with the new Complex Mode in Ambience Match. Oceans, wind, crowds, traffic, and much more.

RX Pro for Music

Don’t let damaged audio ruin your vibe or your music. Whether it’s a voice or an instrument, throw RX Pro on it, and let your sound shine. Get RX Pro and 7 other Pro plugins in a Music Production Suite Pro membership.

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