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Are You Listening?

Welcome to the iZotope video series that teaches you the art and science of audio mixing and mastering. Learn about the fundamentals, discover advanced production concepts, and explore state-of-the-art tools to help you become a better audio engineer.

New in Season 6: Mastering from start to finish

Accomplished mastering engineer and Berklee professor Jonathan Wyner teaches you how to master music like a professional. Learn what mistakes to avoid in mastering, how to develop your critical listening skills, and how to master a song from start to finish at home.

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Latest Episodes

EQ in mastering

Limiting in mastering (pt2)

Limiting in mastering (pt1)


Get the plug-ins from 'Are You Listening?'

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Are You Listening? Season 1: The Mastering Fundamentals

Audio Mastering Basics

Your Listening Environment

Compression in mastering

Limiting in mastering (pt1)

Limiting in mastering (pt2)

EQ in mastering


“Are You Listening? is required viewing for anyone interested in a career in music production, or just interested in improving their mixing and mastering skills.”

Chris Tabron
GRAMMY-nominated producer and mix engineer (Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Mary J. Blige, The Strokes)

Are You Listening? Season 2: Your Mastering Toolkit

Stereo Imaging in Mastering

Reference Tracks in Mastering

Loudness Metering and Visualizations in Mastering

Mastering for Spotify® and Other Streaming Services

Loudness in Mastering

How to Learn Audio Mastering

Are You Listening? Season 3: Advanced Mastering Techniques

Mastering with Headphones

Excitation in Audio Mastering

Automation in Audio Mastering

Mix vs. Master Levels

Artificial Intelligence in Mastering

Audio Repair and Restoration in Mastering


Sculpt Your Mix with Industry Standard Plugins

Looking for even more tools for your mixing sessions? Check out the plug-ins featured in Season 5 from Native Instruments and Plugin Alliance that will take your mix to the next level. 

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Are You Listening? Season 4: Art and Science of Mixing

Mixing Basics

Mixing in Your Home Studio

Setting Up and Balancing Your Mix

EQ and Panning

Audio Dynamics in Mixing

Mix Automation

Are You Listening? Season 5: Mixing a Song from Start to Finish

How to Start Mixing the RIGHT Way

Essential Steps of Mixing Drums

Mixing Bass to Sit Perfectly in the Mix

How to Mix Guitars and Keys for Magnificent Midrange

How to Mix Vocals Like a PRO

How to Finish Your Mix

Are You Listening? Season 6: Mastering from Start to Finish

10 Critical Mastering Mistakes You Should Avoid

How to Hear like a Pro Mastering Engineer

10 Essential Tips for Mastering at Home

Top Signs Your Mix Isn't Ready for Mastering

Step-by-step Guide to Mastering Pop Music

Must-Know Mastering Tips for Rock Music