What's New in VocalSynth 2


VocalSynth 2 is a complete overhaul to its predecessor in VocalSynth 1. We’ve added a ton of new features and functionality, including:

  • A new module called Biovox

  • New and improved effects

  • Deeper control and customization of VocalSynth 2 sound engine

  • Interplug-in communication capabilities

  • Enhanced stereo processing functionality

  • A new user interface with an animation that you can interact with

  • Optimizations in sound quality and CPU performance

Biovox: shape the character of your voice

In developing the new Biovox module, we used scientific modeling of the human vocal tract so you can adjust vocal characteristics like nasality, breathiness, formats, and clarity. We’ve also allowed you to change the vowel shape of your vocal.

Adding Biovox is a great way to bring depth and smoothness to your vocal chain.

New and improved effects

In VocalSynth 2 we’ve added the ability to drag, drop, and rearrange effects modules. We also introduced a Chorus effect, which can introduce a dreamy effect to your vocal, a Ring Mod that doubles as a unique tremolo effect, and our Shred module has been completely rebuilt, allowing you to more effectively slice and sequence your audio.

Visualize and manage your vocal in the mix

For Music Production Suite owners, and Ozone 8 Advanced and Neutron 2 Advanced owners, we’ve added interplug-in communication capabilities to VocalSynth 2.

In Neutron 2’s Masking Meter, you can evaluate how your track is competing with other aspects of your mix.

In Neutron 2’s Visual Mixer, control the loudness, panning, and width of any instance of VocalSynth 2.

And in Tonal Balance Control plug-in, you can select VocalSynth 2 instances to gain insight into how your vocals contribute to the overall tonal balance of your mix.

Advanced controls and sonic improvements

Now in VocalSynth 2 you can reveal more parameters in each module to sculpt your sound. For example, in the Vocoder, you can now easily change the volume and panning of your bands, allowing you to emphasize any part of the frequency spectrum.

We’ve also added per-module oscillator presets for added control and customizability.

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