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Spire Studio Tips & Tutorials

Spire Studio is your own portable recording studio. Check out our resources below to learn how to use Spire Studio to produce music from wherever you find yourself.

Our Best Articles on Spire Studio

9 Quick Steps to Start Recording with Spire Studio
9 Quick Steps to Start Recording with Spire Studio
Get started recording vocals and instruments with Spire Studio, the end-to-end multitrack recorder and mobile recording studio with effects, mixing, and mastering features.
Why You Should Use the Spire App Instead of Voice Memos
Look at how the Spire app gives you higher-quality recordings and more options than Voice Memos
5-Step Tutorial for Getting Rich Vocal Harmonies on Your Tracks
Learn how to get a rich vocal harmony in this five step tutorial using the Spire app for iOS.
7 Tips for Recording Hip-Hop Vocals in Spire Studio
We’ve created some helpful tips to get you started on your own hip-hop vocal production grind in Spire Studio.
Mic Placement When Recording with Spire Studio
To capture great live sound, mic placement matters. Learn how to use Spire Studio’s built-in mic and two XLR inputs to capture clean live sound.

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