Using Clip Gain & Leveler in RX 4| Audio Repair Software


iZotope’s RX is the award-winning, industry standard for audio repair and enhancement. RX allows you to rapidly deliver professional quality results, fixing common audio problems like noises, distortions, and inconsistent recordings.

RX 4’s Clip Gain and Leveler allow you to easily adjust and level the volume of vocals and instrumentals. Read on for tips on how to use these features to transform your inconsistent audio into pristine material.

Clip Gain

Achieve smooth, consistent levels without harming transient punch using non-destructive Clip Gain. Add nodes to reshape the audio and draw your ideal volume curve on individual clips, or hold Shift to make larger adjustments. Instant visual feedback enables you to balance levels against surrounding vocals or other sounds.


In RX 4 Advanced, you can automatically level any audio in a matter of seconds using the intelligent Leveler. Simply open the Leveler module, and set a target RMS level. For precise, responsive leveling, choose a shorter speed. Or, for more natural, steady, and subtle adjustments, select a longer speed.

To better level audio with a wide dynamic range, set a higher amount of maximum amplitude adjustment. Then dial in the amount to achieve less extreme level manipulation.


Dialogue often has inconsistent levels—particularly at the ends of words and phrases. You can maintain clarity and presence with quick, real-time adjustments. All edits are saved in an unlimited undo history, enabling you to recall the file to a previous state at any time.


Noise Control

In addition to dialogue, other material with a higher signal-to-noise ratio can benefit from higherNoise Control settings. The intelligent Noise Control module enables you to transparently level audio without increasing the level of unwanted noise.

Save time and control dynamics in your audio transparently with Clip Gain and Leveler. Try RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced for yourself—download the free, 10-day trial today.

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