Top Workflow Improvements for RX 5


Working in post production means time is always of the essence. When you’re doing the same task 10, 50, or even 100 times a day, even small savings in time add up quickly. A faster workflow can get you to “finished” faster, so you can tackle the next project.

We’ve designed the modules in RX 5 Advanced to give you the fastest workflow possible. Here are just a few of the upgrades and enhancements:

  1. Ambience Match: Matching two scenes recorded in different environments, or incorporating ADR lines into the scene, used to be a tedious and manual process. But with Ambience Match, there’s no wasted time — you can effortlessly create ambience beds under constructed sentences and ADR lines right from within Pro Tools AudioSuite or the RX Audio Editor.
  2. De-plosive: If you’re stuck processing dialogue that was recorded without a pop filter, you know how painstaking it can be to address the unpleasant mini “explosions” of mouth noises and mic bumps. The De-plosive filter gives you the same results as if you had used a pop filter in the first place, without sonic compromise or thin-sounding results.
  3. Instant Process: Visualizing your audio in a spectrogram is a convenient way to quickly identify and isolate problematic audio issues. Now, repairing your audio is even faster thanks to this one-click magic eraser for your audio. Instant Process combines the “select” and “process” functions, so you can instantly paint away unwanted coughs, scene-interrupting sirens, or any other audio problems.
  4. Module Chain: Some audio repair and cleaning tasks require multiple steps to be executed in a particular order, and these steps may need to be repeated over and over for different pieces of similar audio. Module Chain helps you construct these processes and save them as presets, so that you can fire them off all at once with a single mouse click. Read more about using Module Chain
  5. RX Connect & RX Monitor: The RX Connect plug-in sends a clip, or multiple clips, to the RX standalone application for editing and repair. This gives you access to all of RX's modules in one place, and provides the benefits of RX's offline processing and visual interface while monitoring the audio in RX through Pro Tools. Clip-by-clip and handles support added for the most efficient Pro Tools workflow available.
  6. Leveler: Now optimized for dialogue editing with enhanced sibilance and breath controls. You can quickly create consistent tracks by automatically evening out the levels of an entire clip. For post professionals working on documentaries and other dialogue-heavy productions, especially ones where vocal delivery is erratic and uneven, this can potentially save hours of editing time.
  7. EQ Match Presets: Transitions from studio-recorded commentary to a presenter on camera with a personal mic are a constant headache when mixing documentaries. It can be difficult to try and match the sound and EQ of the two clips so that they sound disjointed. But with EQ Match, you can quickly get your VO or dialogue to sound great for your mix!
  8. Streamlined UI: RX 5 icons are bigger, more clearly identifiable, and easier to click on. A redesigned color palette and typography will look great, even to people with color vision deficiencies. And added Retina display support lets Mac users see more detail than ever before in the spectrogram. Read more about the RX user interface

RX can potentially shave off so much time from your workflow, you may even be able to give yourself a day off! (If you do, take a picture from your vacation and share it with us on social media!)