RX Loudness Control: A Better Compliance Workflow | Audio Loudness Plug-in


With the adoption of loudness standards worldwide, post production and broadcast engineers are tasked with ensuring loudness compliance during the mixing stage. Yet most engineers' focus is getting a good sound, period—not spending excessive time monitoring levels and meters.

Conforming to LKFS, True Peak, and Short Term level requirements used to mean keeping your eyes glued to the loudness meter. iZotope's offline loudness plug-in RX Loudness Control removes the need to constantly watch the meters. Focus on what's really important: the sound of your mix.

It only takes two clicks to ensure a loudness-compliant mix. Simply select a preset (i.e. loudness standard) and apply automatic, transparent processing to your mix. Intelligent algorithms can process an entire hour of audio in under a minute, so it's fast and easy to create mixes for delivering for multiple broadcast territories.

Two-click compliance

RX Loudness Control provides one-click analysis of an audio file, letting you know whether it's within the appropriate tolerance of the selected loudness standard. A history graph and loudness report show you where the overflows may be occurring.

Then, one more click processes your audio file, rendering it loudness compliant and appropriate for final delivery and broadcast.

To process for compliance, RX Loudness Control applies:

  • A single across-the-board gain adjustment for LKFS compliance within the necessary tolerance.

  • iZotope's mastering-grade limiting for True Peak compliance.

  • Transparent RMS compression for Short Term compliance when required by certain standards.

  • Ability to export your loudness history as a .CSV loudness report for delivery to your network.

Before and after processing with RX Loudness Control:


Multiple territories, single solution

RX Loudness Control includes presets for all major loudness standards including BS.1770-2/3 and the new EBU R128 s1 standard in Europe.

Multiple broadcast territories mean multiple loudness compliance requirements, whether different LKFS, True Peak, Short Term with R128 s1, etc. Rather than manually adjusting for different specs, select the appropriate preset for your desired standard, process, and repeat for the next territory or network.

Rather than sacrificing your time, creativity, and the sound of the mix for the LKFS levels on your meter, let RX Loudness Control take care of ensuring compliance and get back to what's important—making a great mix.

RX Loudness Control supports Avid Pro Tools and the industry-leading video editors Avid Media Composer, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Download the free, 10-day trial and see how easy it can be to deliver loudness-compliant audio.

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