One-Click Audio Noise Removal with RX 5 Instant Process

This post was written for RX 5. Check out the new and improved Instant Process mode in RX 6.

In RX 5 Audio Editor, we’ve taken the most powerful features of the Spectral Repair, De-click, and other modules and made them available in a fast, easy-to-use way. Instant Process is a mode that can be toggled on and off by clicking on the large button labeled "Instant Process" in the RX toolbar, or pressing the [I] key.


With Instant Process Mode enabled, any selection you make is immediately repaired, so that you can simply paint an audio problem away without needing to open a module, choose settings, and then click process. You can choose one of five intelligent modes: Attenuate, Declick, Fade, Gain, or Replace and any selection you make will immediately analyze the audio within the selection and apply that process.

There are a number of applications where this could be useful. In this voice recording, we can see the beeping of a truck backing up. Each beep is represented by a straight line just above 1 kHz.


With Instant Process enabled, and “Replace” mode selected, we could use the Time and Frequency tool to select each of these beeps. As soon as we release the mouse button, they disappear. RX has removed the beeps and replaced them with audio based on the other sounds around it, both horizontally in the time-domain, and vertically in the frequency domain. Painting away each beep individually helps ensure that they get replaced by sounds immediately surrounding that moment in time, so the replaced audio blends in seamlessly with the dialogue and background ambience.

If we didn’t want to remove the beeps completely, we could choose the “Attenuate” mode in the Instant Process menu, and RX can help set them back in the mix without affecting the sound of the dialogue.

Because Attenuate is a function of the Spectral Repair tool, Instant Process will use the settings you currently have selected in the Spectral Repair window and apply it to any Instant Process action you make. This means that you’ll have access to all the settings and presets available in the Attenuate Spectral Repair tool, but with the ease of single-click Instant Process.


When making selections in Instant Process mode, you can use modifier keys to help you make accurate selections on the spectrogram. After you’ve started to make a selection, you can hold down Shift to add to the selection, or both Shift and Option or Alt to move a selection.

If the selection we’re making has visible harmonics, we can hold Shift and click a second time on our selection area to automatically select the harmonics. Once you release the modifier key, the instant processing will be applied.

Instant Process is available in both the Standard and Advanced versions of RX 5 Audio Editor.

RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor is the flagship component of the RX Post Production Suite.

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