Making Instruments Stand Out Like a Pro with RX 6


While RX is known for cleaning up spoiled audio and removing unwanted sounds, it’s also a great tool for enhancing specific elements in the material that might be unrepresented.

In the example, we increase the loudness of a flute melody in the music for a documentary that re-recording mixer David Barber was editing.

With RX 6 Connect, we shuttle the audio that needs to be edited from Pro Tools into RX. Once we identify and select the flute melody in the spectrogram using the Time & Frequency Selection tool, we add harmonics (to not lose the unique timbre of the flute when we turn up the gain). We do this by using the Harmonic Selection tool.

After turning up the gain to a level we like, we send the audio back to Pro Tools using RX 6 Connect and render the changes.