How to Remove Unwanted Sounds from a Take using RX 4

Coughs, bangs, buzz, and other imperfections can distract from an otherwise flawless performance. RX 4’s visual editing tools make it easy to identify and remove unwanted sounds captured during the recording process.

First, isolate the unwanted sound(s) with Spectral Repair. Zoom in with your spectrogram and highlight the problem area. (You may need to make several selections using the lasso tool; hold SHIFT to add multiple selections.) Open the Partials+Noise module and click “Process.”

Although you could use the Attenuate or Replace modules, the presence of additional harmonics in musical settings makes the Partials+Noise module a more effective solution. It’s designed to restore the harmonics of the audio more accurately, making it particularly useful when there are significant dropouts or gaps in the recording.

Partials+Noise is ideal when there is pitch modulation or vibrato, which can often come from stringed instruments or vocals. The module analyzes pitch variations, using one model for harmonic content and the traditional replace tool for the remaining content. You can use Harmonic Sensitivity Control to adjust the level of harmonics you want to adjust.

If buzz appears when your instrument decays, you can use the Denoiser to remove it. Highlight the problem area, and click “Learn” on the Denoiser module to learn the noise profile. Turn the reduction curve on to make the spectral denoiser more sensitive at certain frequencies. Then select the entire track and click “Process.”

Finally, play back your audio to ensure the imperfections have been removed and the track sounds the way you want it to.

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