Highlights of RX 4 | Audio Repair & Restoration Software

Post production professionals, audio engineers, and videographers alike rely on RX to transform flawed audio into pristine material. RX 4 includes even more intelligent, automatic modules, that reduce manual tasks so you can focus on creative aspects of your work.

Visualize Your Audio

Discover and identify audio problems using the visual spectrogram display, which reveals inconsistencies and problematic areas that a waveform can’t illustrate. Using Spectral Repair, you can paint those problems away using familiar visual editing tools like a brush, lasso, and magic wand.

Reduce Background Noise

Mics used in exterior shots often pick up too much background noise. Although some background noise is natural, and sometimes even preferable, you can transparently reduce unwanted and ambient noise with the automatic, real-time Dialogue Denoiser. Not only will it save you potentially hours of time, it will save you money, too, by replacing the need for costly ADR.

Seamlessly Match Audio (RX 4 Advanced)

Ensure steady, uniform vocal takes and seamless transitions with EQ Match. You can enable sonic balance between multiple audio sources even with different EQ qualities. Simply learn the EQ of a source audio clip, and easily apply that EQ curve to a target audio clip.

Fill Gaps and Dropouts (RX 4 Advanced)

Easily edits free of awkward cuts and transitions with Ambient Match, which matches the environment noise of two different audio recordings. You can learn the ambient noise from a source audio clip and apply it to another audio clip. Or, create long sections of constant ambient noise to insert under inconsistent dialogue recordings.

Automatically Level Audio (RX 4 Advanced)

Non-destructive Clip Gain is a feature in both RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced. You can draw your ideal volume curve on individual clips with node-based Clip Gain, and use instant visual feedback to balance levels against surrounding vocals or other sounds. In RX 4 Advanced, the intelligent Leveler sets your Clip Gain to a target level automatically—freeing more time for creative mix decisions.

Meet Loudness Standards (RX 4 Advanced)

The Loudness module quickly makes any mix compliant with the latest network standards across the world, so you can export and deliver your mix to multiple networks. Simply enter the desired True Peak and LKFS values, and click Process. The module will indicate what the loudness measurements are for your audio (integrated, shorterm, momentary, range loudness, and true peak); you can then select a preset or set a desired target Integrated Loudness and True Peak value for the program audio.

The Complete Audio Repair Toolkit

With innovative tools like Dereverb, Declip, and a roundtrip workflow that integrates directly with your host, RX is your ultimate companion for audio repair and enhancement.

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