Getting Started with RX Final Mix


RX Final Mix is a purpose-built solution for post production mixers working in film, television, and multimedia. When you first open RX Final Mix, you’ll notice two modules: Equalizer and Limiter. These modules bring the very best of iZotope’s transparent audio processing technology to the world of film and video production. Each module can be enabled or bypassed via their power buttons at the right side of each tab.



You can get started quickly by selecting a preset and adjusting from there. These presets were designed specifically for post production, and provide an easy starting point for learning about RX Final Mix and improving your audio quickly. They’re split into use cases for dialogue, music, sound effects, and more. Just click on the name to load a preset and get started fast.


Limiter Module

This module expands on the ultra-transparent limiting developed for iZotope’s Ozone mastering suite. The Limiter provides True Peak compliance across all surround channels, so you can mix creatively and dynamically without worrying about distortion. Simply set your desired peak output limit, and use the lift slider to bring up the overall level of your audio.


Equalizer Module

The Equalizer module provides eight bands of versatile filters, combining precision control with classic timbral character. Each band is available in static or dynamic modes. This dynamic mode takes the precision of an equalizer and combines it with the dynamic control of our very best compressors and expanders, but without the coloration of multiband compression. You can use it just like a traditional equalizer, tailoring the overall sound of your completed mix quickly and easily. In both the Equalizer and Limiter, you can always bypass processing on the LFE channel, preserving all the power and impact of your sound effects cues.


Beyond the Limiter and Equalizer, RX Final Mix has the precision True Peak and RMS metering from our award-winning Insight metering suite built right in. You can also toggle between full controls in macro mode, or just view your EQ curve and level metering in Microview mode. This mode allows you to always keep an eye on your levels without taking up your whole screen.


RX Final Mix operates as a AAX, RTAS, VST, and Audio Unit insert plug-in right inside of your digital audio workstation or video editor like Adobe’s Premiere Pro, Avid’s Media Composer, or Final Cut Pro X.

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