Dialogue Editing with RX 4 | Audio Repair & Restoration Tool

Dialogue mixes are often plagued with audio problems such as background noise, inconsistent mic sources, different-sounding environments, and distortion. RX 4 includes several tools specially designed to address these issues, so you can transform flawed audio into pristine dialogue.

Reduce Noise

Mics used in exterior shots often pick up too much background noise. Although some background noise is natural, and sometimes even preferable, you can transparently reduce unwanted and ambient noise with the real-time automatic Dialogue Denoiser.

Replacing the need for costly and time-consuming automatic dialogue replacement (ADR), the Dialogue Denoiser lets you quickly and easily get clean, natural-sounding dialogue that’s ready for mixing. And with an algorithm specifically tuned to keep dialogue as pristine as possible, the Dialogue Denoiser can treat most problems right out of the box—potentially saving you hours of time.

Fix Distortion

Sometimes, a portable recorder’s input gain can be hard to monitor and set too high, resulting in audible clipping. The resulting distortion can be distracting. The overmodulation caused by these types of recording issues can be easily fixed using the Declip module. Just click Suggest, and Process. The default settings typically take care of most distorted dialogue issues.

Balance Volume Levels

For a smoother, more natural dialogue sound, many editors do detailed, manual volume adjustments before compression. Some hosts support non-destructive clip cain, allowing you to edit right in the timeline. In both RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced, you can draw your ideal volume curve on individual clips with node-based Clip Gain, and use instant visual feedback to balance levels against surrounding vocals or other sounds.

Lengthy voiceovers can also take lot of time to fix. Make a quick round-trip to RX to instantly smooth out your dialogue with the Leveler module. The Leveler automatically balances the volume of your track, freeing more time for creative mix decisions.

Match Audio Sources

The transition from clean studio VO to a camera mic can sound noticeably different. The EQ Match module matches multiple recordings with varying sonic profiles for a consistent-sounding mix. Simply Learn the desirable audio’s profile, then Process the audio that requires matching.

When audio is cut to picture, it can often leave holes in the ambient sound of a scene. This challenge, and the juxtaposition of ADR with location-recorded dialogue, can result in a disjointed listening experience. A common solution is to paste and crossfade ambiences—but that’s time consuming. Ambience Match automatically learns the ambience of any recording, and patches the holes for a consistent sound.

Streamline Your Workflow

RX Connect enables you to use the powerful tools in the RX standalone application in conjunction with your audio or video editing software—without slowing down productivity. First, send audio from your host application to RX, where you can repair and enhance. Then, quickly return the new audio back to your host in place of the original audio. RX Monitor enables you to monitor your audio from the RX application through your host application. To take advantage of these powerful editing features, simply define RX as your host’s external editor.

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