Vintage-inspired audio processing in Ozone 7 & Ozone 7 Advanced

Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced add new vintage modules to the mastering chain.


Ozone is well known for clean, precise algorithms built specifically for the mastering workflow in industry-leading tools like Ozone’s Maximizer, Dynamic EQ, Exciter, and Imager. For Ozone 7 Advanced, we’ve introduced four new vintage modules that round out that palette to add classic vibe to your mixes and masters.

Vintage Limiter

The Vintage Limiter blends the smoothness of analog, vintage dynamics processing with the digital precision and lower distortion of a modern day maximizer. With Vintage Limiter, you can achieve a loud but still dynamic master with extra smoothness and less edge than Ozone’s Maximizer module. With the addition of this module, you get an important additional timbre for your mastering when the situation calls for it.

Vintage Tape [Advanced only]

Ozone’s new Vintage Tape module uses signal-dependent processing and responds dynamically to your audio much as a real tape machine would, for a unique response characteristic based on your individual mix. Vintage Tape will bring an overall smoothness, increased polish, and fullness to your mix and dynamically enrich your mix for a heightened, more musical balance. Learn more about using the Vintage Tape module on your mixes.

Vintage Compressor [Advanced only]

Ozone’s Vintage Compressor pulls together the best characteristics of multiple analog compressors into a faithful model of a compressor that never actually existed. Vintage Compressor processes and reacts to your audio across multiple dimensions, in real-time, and is constantly and dynamically altering the way it goes about making your audio sound better. Accentuate tight transients, thicken up mixes more naturally, and explore complex compression tones — from snappy transistor-style clarity to mixing-desk-level gel to musical, transparent warming of your overall mix.

Vintage EQ [Advanced only]

The Vintage EQ can add or subtract any frequencies you need for your mix in a smooth and natural way that sounds more pleasing and musical than a standard parametric EQ. Rich basses, smooth mids and an airy high end are where the Vintage EQ really shines. Learn more about using the Vintage EQ module on your mixes.

The addition of vintage processing opens Ozone up as both a utility tool and a creative component of music production work. Fire up Ozone for precision or character (or a hybrid of both!), depending on the specific needs of your track.

Mix-and-match components in the signal chain to go from fully modern to fully vintage to anywhere in between.

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