Audio Post Mixing with Neutron Advanced

Neutron offers powerful possibilities in the post production world thanks to revolutionary new features like the Track Assistant and Masking Meter, as well as a True Peak Limiter. Watch the tutorial below or read on to learn how to integrate Neutron into your post production workflow. 

From the ground up, Neutron Advanced has been designed with the complex needs of film, television, radio, and multimedia production in mind.

Neutron Advanced takes all the features of Neutron and adds surround support up through 7.1, while also making the EQ, Compressor, Exciter, and Transient Shaping modules available as individual component plug-ins, so you can use just the tools you need where you need them, while keeping CPU and latency demands low.

Tools like the Track Assistant can help you quickly find starting points for EQing your tracks, leaving you more time to be creative. The Masking Meter can also help identify collisions between dialogue and music beds, and the sidechain capabilities of both the dynamic Equalizer and the multiband Compressor can let you carve out clarity and intelligibility while preserving the dynamics and drama of music, atmos, and FX.

The metering inside of Neutron can be set to Peak and RMS, or Peak and Short-term, for accurate delivery of all your stems and final mixes; while the built in BS.1770 true peak limiter is designed for low-latency operation and transparent sound quality to always keep you within broadcast compliance.

If synchronization and delay compensation ever become an issue with all the other plug-ins in your project, you have the comfort of knowing you can easily switch Neutron into zero-latency mode by clicking just above the input meter, preserving all your settings, and getting you back to work.


Inside Neutron's modules

The individual modules inside Neutron each offer their own powerful post-production features.  

Each of the Equalizer’s 12-bands are independently switchable between static mode or dynamic mode, giving you an incredibly flexible tool for balancing individual tracks or submixes. You also have one of the most powerful de-esser’s available with sidechainable dynamic nodes, and precise adjustment of frequency and Q. There are even de-essing presets built into the EQ and Compressor modules to get you started quickly.

The Compressor’s digital mode offers transparent dynamics control for leveling dialogue, while the vintage mode can add analog character to music beds and submixes.  With full multiband capabilities, you can also leverage side-chain inputs through your DAW or internally from Neutron to artfully duck music, atmos or FX to always keep dialogue on top, while omitting the LFE from processing to ensure low-frequency effects retain their power.

For sound design and effects, the multiband Transient Shaper module can help sculpt impacts and explosions, while the multiband Exciter module can add grit and harmonic energy exactly where you need it. All of these controls are fully-automatable to ensure you have complete creative control over you mix, and plenty of options for morphing Neutron’s processing across your project.

Ready to try Neutron for yourself?

Try the free 10-day trial of Neutron and achieve unprecedented focus, clarity, and creativity in your mixes.

To learn more about any of Neutron’s revolutionary features, check out some of our other tutorials below.

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