4 Videos to Help You Master the Mix in Neutron and Ozone Advanced

Ever think you’re ready to start mastering your project only to discover that lingering issues in the mix like resonant frequencies, harshness, or low-end frequencies make it impossible to be creative? We know the feeling.

Instead of troubleshooting and problem solving during the mastering stage, you want to focus on making creative choices. That means you should correct issues like sibilance, muddiness, and conflicting mid-range frequencies when you’re mixing—not mastering.

We’re kicking off Master the Mix month with this four-part video series, to help you prepare for your most creative, problem-free mastering sessions yet by easily resolving mix issues up front:

  1. Master the Mix Part 1: Correcting Lead Vocal Sibilance in Neutron

  2. Master the Mix Part 2: Fixing Low-End Muddiness in Neutron

  3. Master the Mix Part 3: Mixing Background Vocals in Neutron

  4. Master the Mix Part 4: Creative Mastering in Ozone Advanced

Music used in videos: Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine: “Wouldn't Be Enough.” Connect with Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine on their official website.


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