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Meet the Team

The Web://Tech Team is focused on using technology, analytics, and design to fundamentally change the way iZotope markets online. We are building toward a future where iZotope marketing systems will be able to consistently deliver experiences that are simple, personalized, and effective.  

While we are giving a quarter update on everything in our domain, this agile team officially formed in mid-February. Team members are: Alison (Product Owner), Adam (Design), Cilla (eCommerce optimization), Joel (Analyst) and, new to iZotope as of March, Carson (Sr. Analyst). Our Web Design & Development efforts are supported by our partner, the MAARK Agency. Thanks for checking out our work. We are happy to answer questions, please feel free to reach out!

Your Friends,

The Web://Tech Team

Q1 Highlights

Team Hire: Carson joined the team as Sr eCommerce Analyst!

PayPal Express: We estimate that the implementation of PayPal Express Checkout lifted the cart close rate by 2.5%, (+/-1.5%) compared to previous weeks.

Account Section: We increased account section revenue by $300K or 25% YOY with the launch of notification inbox, pinned offers, improved expiration date alert logic, and improved sorting of offers.

Cart Conversion: Cart conversion is up a sustained 2% YOY through Q1 via cart/checkout optimization work. Including a 100%+ increase in foreign currency transactions in all 14 currencies we sell in.

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New Features :// We launched.

Notification Inbox: This feature notifies customers if new loyalty or upgrade offers they haven't seen yet are in their account or if offers they are eligible for are expiring soon. A red alert icon with a number appears over the bell to indicate the amount of new offers.

Notification inbox

Learn Product Popover: This feature allows for easy access to shopping or demos for products that are highlighted on Learn articles. The component inserts a product icon and bolds the text in place of generic text. When you hover over the component, you are able to Shop Now or Try Now.

learn product popover

Sign-In Prompt: A parameter can be added to the end of any URL and upon landing the website will load a sign-in prompt. This feature is used for targeted messages to existing customers coming to site from Email and Paid Media. The parameter is a way to reinforce loyalty pricing and make sure customers are seeing their best offers.

box vs ui a/b test

Spotify Player: We added a new component to our AEM library. The Spotify playlist component now allows us to embed any Spotify player or playlist on any page. This will be featured on the upcoming Artist section to highlight work they used iZotope products while creating.  

Spotify playlist

Analytics :// We analyzed.

Team Hire: Carson joined the team as Sr eCommerce Analyst!

PayPal Express Launch Analysis: We estimate that the implementation of PayPal Express Checkout lifted the cart close rate by 2.5%, (+/-1.5%) compared to previous weeks. This release caused PayPal Express to become the preferred payment method, overtaking Visa.

Data Studio Report for in depth analysis

Campaign Analysis: We recommended campaign pricing and timing adjustments that contributed to direct sales exceeding their target by 17% in Q1. Additionally we accurately assessed campaign offers and determined they were sufficient to meet each month’s goals while recommending further enhancements.

Sales Tracker: We successfully built and maintained numerous sales trackers and reports which enhanced decision-making and increased transparency.

eComm Optimizations :// We enhanced.

Account Section: We increased account section revenue by $300K or 25% YOY with the launch of notification inbox, pinned offers, improved expiration date alert logic, and improved sorting of offers.

A/B Testing Brainstorm: Held a brainstorm session with GTM folks and collected ~50 ideas to start building the testing backlog and determining a roadmap.

UI vs Box shot A/B test: We tested UI shots (Experience A) vs. Box shots (Experience B) on the March deals page. The results were, A had higher engagement (clicks on the images) and B had higher revenue (total sales and AOV). Conversion stats were incredibly close. We chose B as the winner, as we suspect A images were clicked more due to "curiosity clicking" as the box shots don't highlight the product as in depth as a UI.

We would like to run this test on other pages. The deals page is a highly qualified page for purchasing and when people land there that's the action we'd like them to take. We hypothesize the shots did not make a huge difference in helping users to make the purchasing decision, but this could be different for other pages.

box vs ui a/b test

Experience Rating at Checkout: Implemented a Checkout Complete Survey on our Thank You Page (Thanks for the help, Mike McNasby!). We have collected ~300 completed surveys in the first 4 weeks with a 4.2/5 average rating. We will be putting actionable customer insights into our backlog, as well as analyzing and sharing out the findings on an ongoing basis. 

Design & UX :// We created.

March Mix and Master Campaign: Our first campaign in our new team structure, we supported the MPS team with campaign art direction and helped to stand up the deals pages and web production assets.

March mix and master

Currency selector on checkout: By simply adding a dropdown caret next to the currency on checkout, we saw a 2% increase in foreign cart close rate post implementation. (Shoutout to Jordan Boone's user research for this insight and design change!)

Updated product page breadcrumbs: We updated all the breadcrumbs across the product web tours to have the same color background as the page it lives on. We did not have this option with the launch of the site and now the breadcrumbs are more seamless with the rest of the page.

*New* design resources folder: We have created a folder that contains approved design assets for people to use all across iZotope. This includes: product logos, product screenshots, product box shots, mood images, templates, photoshoots and more!

Design Resource Folder

Web Dev :// We developed, with MAARK.

~60 Web Dev Tickets Released: These tickets spanned across New Features, Design QA/Cleanup, and Support/Bug Fixes. Full list below!

iZotope x MAARK Feature: CMO John Bigay was featured in MAARK's case study "Building a Platform for the Future of Audio Production".  Read the full article

Full list of WebDev Tickets Released:

(We typically release on a Monday & Wednesday cadence)

IZO-876 Pinned/Featured Coupon in Account Section
IZO-960 Newsletter Pop up Modal: Add X to Thank you Screen
IZO-961 Newsletter Pop up Modal: Enable ability to Click out of the modal anywhere outside of the popup
IZO-527 Generate Image Option in Page Properties for SEO/Social sharing
IZO-894 Notification Inbox
IZO-638 Custom Dropdown Implementation 
IZO-728 Search Results Page: Command + Click to Open in a New Tab
IZO-880 Purchase History: Correct Capitalization of iLok and Product Portal
IZO-697 Mobile All Products Page: Products A-Z Heading Should Come Before Product List
IZO-967 Christmas Deals Page: Remove from CMS (Performance Improvement)
IZO-640 Contributors: Add Headshots to Override the IZO Icon
IZO-992 Loyalty Offers Page: Sort by Featured is Ordered Incorrectly

IZO-1003 Implement Spotify Player
IZO-1007 Notification Inbox: De-duplicate Coupons
IZO-1008 Carousel Style Bugs
IZO-980 DR Session Length Checkout Bug
IZO-467 Subnav Pages are Not Connecting to Overview Pages Automatically

IZO-962 Newsletter Modal: Add Thank You Screen If User Subscribes to Both Newsletters
IZO-1018 Learn Search Broken (permanent solution for 1/27 Temp fix)
IZO-1014 Scrolling Bug on Page Load
IZO-1009 Topic Page Template: Update spacing to Match Designs

IZO-1010 Add Find a Retailer Option for Checkout Type in Product Data (Spire update)
IZO-1019 Coupon Banners: X is Still Appearing For Unpublished Target Banners
IZO-1027 Validate Chrome 80 Release doesn't change transitions between site and cart

IZO-1030 Login Error After Password Reset for Some Users
IZO-1001 Image Compression Documentation
IZO-1020 Dynamic Media: Document Next Steps
IZO-1039 Newsletter Subscription Documentation
IZO-1023 Notification Inbox Refactoring
IZO-1035 SoundCloud Component: Occasionally Player Doesn’t Play

IZO-1012 Learn Product Popover
IZO-1029 Coupons: Update Expiration Date to be End of Day

IZO-481 Learn: Put Tags Below Body Copy in Mobile
IZO-1042 Breadcrumb: Update Colors and Spacing [Design QA]
IZO-1051 Site Search: No Results Flashes While Typing [Design QA]
IZO-1044 Site Search: Collapse to Icon Sooner [Design QA]
IZO-1056 Account: Mobile Login Update [Design QA]
IZO-1061 New User is Unable to Click on Account Dropdown if No First/Last Name is Present
IZO-1055 Subnav: Switch to Mobile Sooner [Design QA]
IZO-1062 Notification Inbox: Clear Cache when User Logs Out

IZO-1058 Learn Search Results Page: Clicking Hyperlinks in search bar Isn't Working
IZO-1049 Site Search: Show All Results Hover State [Design QA]
IZO-1050 Site Search: Clear Search Result Button Style Update [Design QA]
IZO-1079 Product Subnav: Hamburger Should Only Appear When Wrapping Would Happen
IZO-1026 Shop: Swap to 2 Product Cards Across Earlier [Design QA]
IZO-1067 Template Editor: Unable to Set Component Policy
IZO-1054 Feature Teaser Component: Hover State Updates [Design QA]
IZO-1032 Site Search: Add Footer to Results Page [Design QA]

Digital River Release - PayPal Express Checkout button in Cart

IZO-1011, IZO-1064, IZO-1065 Add URL Parameters for Sign In Prompt
IZO-1046 ATC Component Style Updates [Design QA]
IZO-1077 Mobile Loyalty Offers: Filter Dropdown on Mobile Breakpoint is not Custom Dropdown [Design QA]
IZO-1069 Site Search Bar: Swap to Mobile Sooner When Logged In
IZO-1076 Loyalty Offers: Switch to Mobile Sooner
IZO-1080 Newsletter Popup: Space Updates

IZO-1034 Exponential Audio Domain Enablement & Redirect Map
IZO-1075 Bullet Points: Add Hang [Design QA]
IZO-1081 Learn Article Tags: Design Updates [Design QA]
IZO-1070 Learn Article: Tags Cut Off Slightly At Smaller Breakpoints [Design QA]
IZO-1118 Mobile Loyalty Offers: Was $XXX Text Misaligned on Mobile [Design QA]

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