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Meet the Team

The Web://Tech Team is focused on using technology, analytics, and design to improve the way iZotope markets online. We are building toward a future where iZotope marketing systems will be able to consistently deliver experiences that are simple, personalized, and effective.  

This is our first full quarter as an agile team. Team members are: Alison (Product Owner), Adam (Design), Cilla (eCommerce optimization), Joel (Analyst) and Carson (Sr. Analyst). Our Web Design & Development efforts are supported by our partner, the MAARK Agency. Thanks for checking out our work. We are happy to answer questions, please feel free to reach out!

Your Friends,

The Web://Tech Team

Q2 Highlights

PDP Launch: Collaborative efforts across GTM (Thank you, all who contributed!) resulted in launching 48 Product Display Pages on a rapid 3 week timeline. Currently, the average conversion of PDP's are 5%!

Adobe Analytics tracking and integrations: We expanded tracking capabilities in Adobe Analytics to make it a more robust tool and integrated it with both Adobe Target and Campaign allowing us to create more powerful segments and personalize customer experiences.

Subscription team support: We helped support the subscription team with the first ever iZotope subscription page which is being tested on select users. Shout out to Jordan Boone on the page design.

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New Features :// We launched.

Product Display Pages: GTM launched 48 PDP's on a rapid 3 week timeline. Maark worked quickly to hand over the template and all GTM teams jumped in.

The average conversion of a PDP is 5% (compared to 1.9% total site), the Exit Rate is 11.7% (compared to 28% total site), the AOV is $140 (compared to $117 total site), the Per Session Value is $7 (compared to $2 total site), and the Average Session Duration is 8 minutes (compared to 3:30 total site). These pages will continue to be iterated on with features like reviews and ratings.

Examples: Music Production Suite and Ozone


CCPA/GDPR Banner: We launched these banners in order to be compliant with California and Europe's data privacy and protection laws.

Analytics :// We analyzed.

GTM Health Metrics Dashboard: We created an interactive monthly health metrics dashboard in Data Studio integrating data from across the company to help shift our focus to flywheel marketing as we make progress toward subscription and personalization. You can explore the dashboard here.

Adobe Analytics tracking and integrations: We expanded tracking capabilities in Adobe Analytics to make it a more robust tool and integrated it with both Adobe Target and Campaign allowing us to create more powerful segments and personalize customer experiences.

Campaign Analysis: We suggested campaign timing adjustments and optimizations that contributed to direct sales exceeding all 3 monthly targets in Q2.

Sales Tracker: We successfully built and maintained numerous sales trackers and reports which enhanced decision-making and increased transparency. These reports included weekly revenue projections that were within 8% of actual revenue in 7 of the last 8 weeks of Q2.

Analytics Support: We enhanced iZotope's analytics through dashboard creation, A/B test support, and data-driven recommendations to leadership.

eComm Optimizations :// We enhanced.

Site Search Enhancements: The latest round of search enhancements contained search engine maintenance like re-sorting the weighting engine, a design update that Adam and Maark brought to life, as well as a No-Search Results page and a Search-Start-Over page which are ecommerce best practices. The enhancements increased Session Duration and Average Search Depth, as well as decreased Search Refinements by -3%. Carson put together a GA Studio dashboard that shows all metrics.

Abandon Cart Email Refresh: The Cart Abandon Email program designs and copy were outdated and convoluted. With the help of Adam on design and Griffin for copy, the program has a new look and feel focused on surfacing the pertinent information. We partnered with Digital River to A/B test the old vs. the new templates. The new (current) had a +11% lift in open rate, a +163% lift in click rate, and a +40% lift in conversation rate. The new template also generated $20K more than the old template during the A/B test.

A/B Testing: We set out to run and report on 6 Adobe Target experiments with the goal of lifting page engagement by 10% during Q2. Some experiments proved value versus adding value. For example, the A/B test we ran for having Live Chat vs. No Live Chat on the site proved to have potential to put the yearly ROI for having Live Chat well into the 6 figures ($250-$500K). We gave the OKR a 1. Learn more about the tests we ran in Q2.

Yotpo: We signed on with a Reviews & Ratings vendor called Yotpo. We'll use Yotpo to send post-purchase review emails and collect reviews and star ratings for our products. The reviews and ratings will live on the PDP's and use social proof to help inform the purchase decision making process. 

Design & UX :// We created.

Updated templates! In support of the content team, the design team created new Instagram templates for learn articles, as well as new templates for the 'How to' video series, based on the product. Both templates can be found in Canva. 

Welcome email design: Working across multiple teams, we helped with design support for the new welcome email series.

Coming soon: iZotope Artist section of the website. iZotope works with tons of amazing artists within all corners of the audio industry. We want to celebrate that relationship by dedicating a section of the website to them. At a glance, we will be able to see which artist iZotope has partnered with, what iZotope products they use, and engage with unique content such as videos, articles, and playlists. Shout out to Dave Godowsky and the content team for helping bring this to life.

Subscription team support: We helped support the subscription team with the first ever iZotope subscription page which is being tested on select users. Shout out to Jordan Boone on the page design.

New layouts ready to use! As part of an ongoing project, we are trying to envision and test new layouts that can be used across the website. This includes feature callouts, social proof, multimedia integration, and more! Everyone is encouraged to browse this page and use or modify these layouts. You can also request adjusted or new layouts by reaching out to the team.

Web Dev :// We developed, with MAARK.

54 Web Dev Tickets Released: These tickets spanned across New Features, Design QA/Cleanup, and Support/Bug Fixes. Full list below!

Full list of WebDev Tickets Released:

(We typically release on a Monday & Wednesday cadence)

IZO-1057 Spacing Updates: Title Component 
IZO-1119 Account: Mobile Breakpoint Shows Account Dropdown Twice
IZO-1082 Learn Search: Mobile Design Updates
IZO-1071 Mobile Navigation Menu Updates
IZO-1083 Product List Component: Mobile Design Updates 
IZO-1120 Site Search: Implement Scrolling on Dropdown
IZO-1086 Local Deployment: Load Images from Production
IZO-1124 Rich Text Editor: Add Hang to Numbered List 
IZO-1125 Learn Product Popover: Buy Now CTA Updates
IZO-889 Learn Search: Look into Phrase Results

IZO-1122 OneTrust GDPR & CCPA Implementation
IZO-1156 Swiftype Connection Bug

IZO-1084 & 1085 Site Search Enhancements
IZO-1121 Site Search: Implement Middle Breakpoint for Dropdown
IZO-1149 Loyalty Offers Page: "Upgrade now" CTA should be "Upgrade Now"
IZO-1078 Mobile Buttons: Decrease Padding to Avoid Wrapping
IZO-1073 New Product Footer
IZO-1137 Learn Search: Show/Hide Caret Updates 
IZO-1126 Rich Text Editor: Hyperlinks are not Saving in Author
IZO-1151 Global Nav: When Target Banner is Above Nav, Sticky Scrolling Doesn't Account for Space
IZO-1135 Filter: Delete Clear Link for Individual Filter Options 
IZO-1128 Chrome: Get Rid of Outlines on Click
IZO-1130 Learn Search: Add Padding to Page Bottom 
IZO-1131 Purchase History: Authorization Links Cutoff at Tablet
IZO-1133 AEM 404 on Unpublished Pages
IZO-1154 Redirect Bug

IZO-1160 & 1161: PDP Breadcrumb Component
IZO-1162, 1163 & 1192: PDP Image Gallery Component
IZO-1164 & 1165: PDP Header Component
IZO-1169 & 1170: PDP Related Products Component
IZO-1171 & 1172: PDP What You Get Component
IZO-1173 & 1174: PDP Requirements and Specifications Component
IZO-1177 & 1178: PDP FAQ Component
IZO-1179, 1187 & 1193: Create PDP Templates
IZO-1188 PDP Testimonial Component
IZO-1189: PDP Ability to Override Header Short Description
IZO-1185: PDP Sign In Component

IZO-1203: PDPs: Add ON SALE Pill
IZO-1197: PDPs: Features Component Icon Bug
IZO-1199: PDPs: Make Products in Product List Component Clickable or Not
IZO-1198: PDPs: ATC Price Should be Centered on Mobile
IZO-1202: PDPs: Related Products ATC CTA Should be Grey
IZO-1205: PDPs: Video Update for Video Clicks
IZO-1200: PDPs: What You Get Bullets Should be Grey
IZO-1210: PDPs: Edition Picker Doesn't Wrap Product Names

IZO-1210 PDPs: Edition Dropdown Doesn’t Wrap Titles
IZO-1212 PDPs: Feature Check Bug
IZO-1215 PDPs: Product Titles on Two Lines Should be Left Aligned
IZO-1214 PDPs: Editor Often Loads Template Incorrectly
IZO-1216 PDPs: Change Image Border Color to White Instead of Black
IZO-693: Search & Shop: Filters Panel Should Fully be Clickable, not just the +/- buttons

IZO-1224 AEM Version Upgrade

IZO-1236: Cross Domain Referer Leakage To Third Party Sites

IZO-1245 Swiftype Connection Timeout

6/17 - We began experiencing a deployment stability issue following the AEM Version upgrade and paused code pushes temporarily to debug.

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