iZotope ANR-B Entertains Live Studio Audiences

October 9, 2009

Bill Daly of PRG Audio Uses Adaptive Realtime Noise Reduction While on the set of Multiple Prime-Time TV Shows.

AES – New York, Booth #427 (October 9, 2009) – Bill Daly, live sound mix engineer for multiple television shows, has recently adopted iZotope's Adaptive Realtime Noise Reduction unit, ANR-B, to assist in sound reinforcement for live studio audiences.

ANR-B automatically removes broadband and tonal noise from dialog in realtime with little or no interaction from the user, making it ideal for the demands of reality TV, live broadcast and call in settings, and other challenging applications. With the choice of completely automatic operation or a lightning-fast "Learn" mode, mixers can deal with noise issues more quickly than ever before, leaving them free to focus on the task at hand.

"Noise is all around us, and it interrupts conversations, ruins recordings, and causes intelligibility problems and an overall unpleasant user experience," explains Daly, "iZotope ANR works dynamically and without user-interaction to automatically detect noise and eliminate it. Other noise reduction techniques fail when background noise changes, but iZotope ANR adapts instantly to keep audio crystal clear."

Bill Daly of PRG Audio has designed, installed and mixed live events for over 30 years, ranging from Wheel of Fortune to Jerry Lewis Telethons. Recently, Bill has integrated ANR-B into his workflow to provide live sound reinforcement for live studio television events. 

iZotope's ANR-B™ uses patent-pending technology to intelligently identify and suppresses environmental broadband noise, hum, phone line artifacts and more to dramatically increase the quality of voice recordings and broadcasts. Unlike other solutions, ANR-B actually detects noise on the fly and adapts to changing noise over time allowing for automatic operation with almost no input required from the user. Whether the problem is an air conditioner or fan, an engine, crowd noise, a studio with bad wiring, ISDN artifacts or another noise source, ANR-B can dramatically improve the quality of on-location audio and the intelligibility of your interviews and call-ins.

For more information and other inquiries contact Bruce Bartone, Director of Sales at iZotope, at For a live demo, check iZotope at AES in NYC, booth #427.

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