Bandmateloops Releases iAcoustica For iDrum

October 20, 2006

Multi-sampled Acoustic Drum Kits Available for iDrum.

Introducing iAcoustica, the first multi-sample drum library for Izotope’s iDrum featuring more than 200 acoustic samples and original patterns. IAcoustica is produced by Andrea Pejrolo in collaboration with Sonic Emulations.

Two full acoustic drum kits and cymbals sets have been played by drummer Zac Mangan using four different sets of sticks, mallets, metal brushes and wooden brushes for a total of 8 completely original and innovative drum kits. All the samples were recorded by Recording Engineer Taroon Bali at 96kHz and 24 bit resolution using top of the line microphones, SSL mixing board and Digidesign® Protools|HD® technology.

Every piece of each kit has been sampled at three different dynamic levels in order to bring you the most accurate rendition of a real acoustic environment. Experience the professional quality of a multi-sample drum library at an affordable price.

Through the use of multi-sample sounds recorded at different dynamic levels you can finally program convincing and realistic patterns without running into the “machine-gun” effect.

iAcoustica comes with hundreds of patterns covering all the acoustic styles that will make your productions shine: Funk, Samba, Latin, Rock, Country, Bossa Nova, R&B, Reggae, World/Ethnic, and Jazz. Each pattern features variations and fills to easily adapt to any situation.

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