Version 3 Of Ozone Mastering Plug In Released

November 21, 2003

iZotope introduces MBIT+ dither, linear phase EQ, new intelligent release maximizer and more.

Natick, MA, (November 21, 2003) – IZOTOPE, INC., recognized innovator in digital media technology, has released a new version of their 64-bit mastering plug-in, Ozone 3. This latest version extends the analog modeled processing while simultaneously adding options for "digitally transparent" and intelligent processing.

Highlights of the new version include:

Analog Modeling

  • Proprietary MBIT+ wordlength reduction technology
  • Tape modeling for warm multiband excitation
  • Tube modeling for classic dynamic excitation
  • Analog modeled lowpass and highpass EQ modes

Digital Transparency

  • Linear phase multibands with adjustable Q control
  • Linear phase EQ processing
  • Transparent loudness maximizer mode
  • 64-bit acoustic modeled reverb

Intelligent Processing

  • Automatically create "matching" EQs from spectrums
  • Intelligent release loudness maximizer technology
  • Intersample clipping prevention with predictive limiters
  • Auto-blanking dither with peak noise limiting

In all, Ozone 3 introduces over 30 additional features, covering areas of automation, performance, metering, processing and more.

Pentium II 500 or greater
64 MB RAM or greater
Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP

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Ozone 3 is available for purchase as a download or on CD from the iZotope web site. The price for the download version is $199 for new customers. For Ozone 1 or 2 customers, the upgrade is $49 for the download version.

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