Post Production Tips for Repairing Dialogue

Tips & Tutorials  |  April 22, 2014

In this three-part video series, post production mixer and audio expert Mike Thornton demonstrates how he mixed the dialogue for a documentary shot in in central London. Predictably, the city environment caused a variety of noise problems that needed to be addressed.

Follow along and learn as Mike removes audio problems such as ambient noise, reverb, clipping and distortion as well as sudden background interruptions—all while offering tips and tricks for how you could easily incorporate RX into your workflow.

For those situations where time, budget and reality dictates it’s simply not possible to re-shoot or re-record a scene, it’s now possible to RX it, and make sure that pesky noise problems no longer prevent your audio from being usable.

Watch the three-part series

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About Mike Thornton

Mike has worked in the broadcast audio industry for his entire working life, some 35 years. He has worked with Pro Tools since the mid 90s, growing up with it when it could record 4 tracks on a good day with a following wind! He has been recording, editing and mixing documentaries, comedy and drama for both radio and TV, as well as working on the occasional music project. Adding to all that, Mike has provided 24/7 Pro Tools support for 15 years, served as both a broadcast audio consultant & trainer, and is also the editor of Pro Tools Expert.

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