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Learn more about mixing, mastering, audio repair, vocal processing and other useful topics with a variety of articles, videos, and guides from our trusted experts.

  • Getting Started With The Vintage Eq In Ozone 7 Advanced

    With the richness, musicality, and color of classic Pultec-style equalizers, Vintage EQ lets you brighten your master, smooth out heavy low end, and add body to your digital recordings. Learn how it works.

  • How To Choose Presets In Ozone 7

    Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced have a full set of professionally-designed presets to help you get started with your master.

  • How To Add Tape Saturation To Your Mastering Chain With Ozone 7 Advanced

    Inspired by vintage tape machines like the Studer A810, the Vintage Tape module & plug-in iZotope's Ozone 7 Advanced can add an analog color to your digital recordings. 

  • RX 5 Tutorial Using RX Post Production Plug Ins and Pro Tools

    Incorporate the powerful tools of the RX Post Production Suite into your Pro Tools workflow.

  • RX 5 Quickstart Cleaning Up Audio and Reducing Noise With RX 5 Audio Editor

    Learn how to get started quickly with the RX 5 Audio Editor.

  • Room Tone Matching With RX 5 Advanced and Pro Tools

    RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor includes the Ambience Match AudioSuite Plug-In for seamless synthesis and regeneration of room tone inside of Pro Tools.

  • One Click Audio Noise Removal With RX 5 Instant Process

    Paint audio problems away with new Instant Process tool.

  • How To Use RX 5 Audio Editor Module Chains and Presets

    Learn how to get started with Module Chains quickly and easily in RX 5.

  • Dialogue and Voiceover Track Editing In RX 5 Advanced

    Use the powerful tools to fix plosives, mouth noises, and level issues to create great-sounding dialogue and voiceovers. 

  • Using Reference Tracks For Audio Mastering

    Before you start your mastering, it’s important to define what you want your track to sound like.

  • Should The Artist attend The Audio Mastering Session

    It’s important for a mastering engineer understand what the artist is trying to accomplish, and keep open lines of communication throughout the process. This can be done ahead of the mastering session, or the artist can be a part of the mastering process themselves.

  • 4 Tips For Mastering Various Playback Systems

    It’s important to deliver masters that will sound good on a number of different playback systems. Here are some tips to ensure your tracks sound great no matter where your listeners hear them.

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