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Learn more about mixing, mastering, audio repair, vocal processing and other useful topics with a variety of articles, videos, and guides from our trusted experts.

  • Filter effects on vocals with Mobius Filter

    Use iZotope’s Mobius Filter effect on vocals as an alternative to flangers and phasers for infinitely ascending or descending sweeps.

  • Expressive rising energy on a dance mix

    Take your EDM mix to the next level with infinite sweeps from iZotope’s Mobius Filter effect plug-in.

  • Using Mobius Filter as a Guitar Modulation Effect

    Tired of traditional phasers and flangers? Mix your next guitar track with iZotope’s Mobius Filter plug-in for a new kind modulation effect.

  • How to meet global loudness standards

    Audio/multimedia producer Matt Hines of iZotope explains how pros can meet today’s loudness standards to deliver consistent viewing experiences throughout the world, with the help of tools like RX Loudness Control.

  • Mixing for Different Delivery Formats

    Our very own Matt Hines gives you tips for delivering balanced, impactful mixes, while considering the delivery medium, using the combination Dynamic EQ and True Peak limiter of RX Final Mix.

  • Mixing bass guitar: Tips for getting started

    Get some tips for mixing powerful, locked-in bass for your tracks, using EQ, harmonic distortion, and compression

  • Don’t Let It Bring You Down: 7 Tips for Maintaining Perspective While Mixing

    Learn how to keep your sanity while you mix and make it to the finish line in one piece.

  • How to mix for your song structure

    Learn how to keep the listener engaged, build interesting contrasts in your song, and serve the arrangement while you mix.

  • Getting started mixing drums

    Crucial drum mixing techniques to help you figure out where to start, how to think, and what to listen for while you’re building the important rhythmic foundation of your recording.

  • Using Dialogue De-noise to clean up a dialogue track

    As part of the RX Plug-in Pack, the Dialogue De-noise plug-in clean up noisy voice and dialogue tracks and reduce or remove unwanted background noise. 

  • Using the De-clip plug-in to fix clipped vocals

    As part of the RX Plug-in Pack, the De-clip plug-in can save vocal and dialogue tracks that were recorded too hot. Take a look at how to use De-clip in a session to fix clipped vocals.

  • Pop Song Anatomy 201 Take It As You Go

    There are an infinite number of approaches to songwriting in the 21st Century, but  every basic song has some common elements. Learn about building a song up from the bones. 

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