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Last updated on 11/8/2016

We are pleased to announce official support for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Thank you for your patience as we ensured a smooth-sailing product experience on the new operating system. If all your software by other vendors is also compatible, you are now safe to update your operating system.

Compatible Products

The current iZotope products below are Windows 10 Anniversary Update compatible. If you are already up to date with the latest version of your product, you do not need to take action.  

  • Alloy v2.04
  • BreakTweaker v1.02
  • DDLY v1.01
  • Iris v2.02
  • Insight v1.05
  • Mobius Filter v1.00
  • Music Production Bundle v2.00
  • Nectar v2.04
  • Neutrino v1.00
  • Neutron v1.00
  • Ozone v7.01
  • RX 5 Audio Editor v5.02 (Standard and Advanced)
  • RX Final Mix v1.03
  • RX Loudness Control v1.03
  • RX Plug-in Pack v5.02
  • RX Post Production Suite v1.02
  • Stutter Edit v1.05
  • Trash v2.05
  • Vinyl v1.8
  • Vocal Synth v1.00

The following legacy iZotope products have also been verified as compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary Update:

  • RX v4.03
  • Ozone v6.1.2


Tips: If you are uncertain whether you’re on the latest version of your product, you can confirm and download the latest versions here. And if you are uncertain of your installed product’s version number, follow these instructions.

Have any other questions related to product compatibility?

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