Now Available: RX Final Mix 1.01

Free update for RX Final Mix users includes significantly lower latency and up to 60% less CPU usage—without sonic compromise.

Product News  |  August 4, 2015


We're excited to announce a free update to our post-production mixing solution, RX Final Mix!

Incorporating feedback from users, this free update includes lower latency, drastic reductions in CPU usage, and an Enable True Bypass feature.

Existing RX Final Mix users can download a free update. Users new to RX Final Mix can download a free, 10-day trial.

New lower-latency limiting algorithm

RX Final Mix retains its industry-leading sound quality and broadcast standard True Peak accuracy, but now with a significantly lower latency limiting algorithm for 97% reduction in latency compensation. The "Optimize for" feature switches between the original algorithm optimized for transparency, and the new algorithm, optimized for latency. At 48 kHz, the user can get as low as 120 samples of latency (native). The existing algorithm is still available for users who want greater transparency.

Listening tests, both internal and external, were also used to validate the quality of the resulting audio. RX Final Mix offers two limiting algorithms, and three character options, all built to handle crunching sound effects, low-frequency explosions, crisp and pristine dialogue, and smooth music stems.

Here are some actual results using the new algorithm on a session set to 48kHz:

  • "Clear" Character = 120 samples of latency

  • "Smooth" Character = 194 samples of latency

  • "Thick" Character = 282 samples of latency

Drastic reduction in CPU usage

Performance optimizations to the Band Shelf filter now offer up to 60% less CPU usage, ideal for seamless integration into large-format dubbing sessions. Additionally, overall performance with static bands is 33% faster (a 25% reduction in CPU performance when no Band Shelf Filters are used). Using only Band Shelf filters results in up to 650% faster performance and 85% reduction in CPU.

"Enable True Bypass" mode

This option disengages a module's latency when that module is bypassed. This results in a click as the audio transitions, but avoids redundant latency compensation. With the Limiter bypassed, the dynamic EQ can now keep the surround image balanced with zero latency.

An update by users, for users

We're in a continual process of listening and iterating on feedback from our users and the post production community at large. We use this feedback to design tools you need with features that help streamline your workflow. This free update was designed with features—including lower latency and Enable True Bypass—directly inspired by responses from the community.

We're indebted to individual contributors like Damian Kearns, Brandon Howlett, Steve Giammaria, Deon Vozov, Martin Pavey, Stephen Fitzmaurice, Davide Favargiotti, Tom Marks, and Mike Thornton. In particular, the readers and members of Pro Tools Expert and the Gearslutz Post Production Forum were invaluable in rallying around reviewing the product, talking about it, giving feedback on it, and helping drive us forward to be better.

Additional improvements include AU support for 5.1 channel configurations, and VST support for Edius (stereo only). 


Create smooth balanced mixes that are impactful yet True Peak compliant with RX Final Mix. Try all the new features for yourself—download the free, 10-day trial today.

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