Ozone 6 Overview: Creative Mastering Platform

Product News  |  November 6, 2014


Ozone is a creative audio mastering platform that enables both home studio producers and mastering engineers to easily add a final level of professional polish to their mix.

Ozone 6,the latest version of our critically acclaimed line of mastering software, features a redesigned interface, standalone application, and new Dynamic EQ module. Watch the video above for a glimpse at Ozone 6’s striking new interface and intuitive controls.

The modern, elegant workflow is centered around creativity: A fully redesigned interface and real-time visual feedback in every module help you create masters with your signature sound.

Ozone also produces great sound. Reap the warmth and character of analog sound without the restrictions of hardware. And since Ozone 6 works as either a standalone application or a suite of plug-ins, you can work exclusively in Ozone or use it to complement your audio editing software of choice.

Take the guesswork and the manual labor out of mastering with Ozone 6. A curated workflow puts the most relevant tools front and center, so you can experiment without fear of making “wrong” sonic choices. Using Ozone's presets as a starting point, pros and newcomers alike can immediately achieve authentic sounds in any genre.

For professional users, the Advanced version’s Dynamic EQ module lives and breathes with your music, harnessing the precision of an equalizer with the musical ballistics of a compressor. It’s an ideal tool for transparently sculpting audio.

Elevate a good-sounding mix to a professional-sounding master with Ozone. Try Ozone 6 and Ozone 6 Advanced for yourself—download the free, 10-day trial today.


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