What the Press Is Saying about RX 6

September 1, 2017


Whether you’re deliberating between versions or wondering what’s changed from RX 5, the press has made it clear: RX 6 is the industry standard for audio repair.

Check out what the press is saying below, and be sure to save on all versions of RX 6 when they’re on sale this month!

Press Reviews:

  • “This isn’t just another fancy looking update with some well-presented new features for marketing purposes. Version 6 of this fundamentally important tool for modern production just became intelligent.” —Audio Media International
  • “With RX 6, iZotope continues to expand upon what was already one of the best-value audio production suites on the market. It is an absolute must-have set of tools in my personal arsenal.” —SonicScoop
  • “RX 6 should be part of any audio engineer’s collection of tools, and with the various versions available, there’s no excuse not to have at least some of its features available for cleaning up your tracks and making them shine!” —AskAudio
  • “Whether you’re a professional working in post-production or a humble home studio user, there’s a version of iZotope’s RX restoration software to suit you.” —Sound On Sound
  • “The new features in RX 6 Standard and RX 6 Advanced are absolutely amazing.” —Pro Tools Expert

Whether you're editing noisy recordings from on-set locations or dealing with mic bleed in the studio, RX 6 has all the tools you need to get your audio ready for mixing. New modules built on machine learning and award-winning digital signal processing make RX 6 the industry standard for audio repair.

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