iZotope staff picks: A SoundCloud playlist

iZotope News  |  August 15, 2016


As part of the Sounds of Summer here at iZotope, we’ve been creating playlists on SoundCloud to share independent music from all over the planet, including some surf rock, a few of our favorite Boston artists, and music from some of our SoundCloud followers.

For the latest installment, we asked the iZotope staff to share what they’ve been listening to this summer. You’ll find an eclectic mix from avant-garde classical to shimmering pop songs, which is reflective of the diverse set of people who work here and our wild mix of musical tastes.

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Please do! First, be sure to follow iZotope on SoundCloud to keep in touch, and share your favorite music on the web using the hashtags #iZotope and #soundsofsummer. Second, check out all the great jobs we have available at our offices in Cambridge, MA and join the team! 

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